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British India were dealing with the economic stresses caused by the war and its demobilisation. China was brought into the picture with that belief, as the US government wanted to strengthen its bonds with China, and Pakistan was the..
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Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma Press. It starts with a conflict, for example, the death of a character. Drawn from Livy 's account of Sophonisba, the Carthaginian princess who drank poison to avoid being taken by the Romans, it..
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Essay make hay while the sun shines

essay make hay while the sun shines

never have before. Classification: idiom Meaning: Allow a secret to escape from one's mouth/lips. I walked down the four flights of stairs to the bottom of the building to leave, and I saw Dylan and his girlfriend in the lobby. No one knew the extent of the damage in his body. His is a spirit so free and unconstrained that he flouted tradition in a highly idiosyncratic and iconoclastic way. Sometimes, love isn't enough. English equivalent: He that will not endure the bitter will not live to see the sweet. English equivalent: Everyone's business is no ones business.

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The world is dead. En la variedad est el gusto. Classification: maxim Meaning: life is terrible. . Las ratas abandonan el barco que se hunde. Speak up your words of jade And tones of pearl that pluck my fond heartstrings. El peresozo siempre es menesteroso. Meaning: "You are more likely to win if you take the initiative and make an attack rather than preparing to defend yourself." Source for meaning: Martin. Yet, he tenaciously fights on with the fierceness of one in love with life. In other words, there was a silent minority of uncommitted or disengaged intellectuals who stood on the sidelines while the conflict was playing itself out. Steeped in Chinese borrowings and allusions. We often observe that admirable qualities and heroic endeavour come to grief when circumstances are hostile. English equivalent: You can't milk a bull.