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John proctor's dilemma essay

john proctor's dilemma essay

his life. At first, Proctor decides he will sign the papers to save his life, but at the last minute he changes his mind. It is not as though I contain no morals, but I feel life is worth living, regardless of what you must compromise. If Proctor goes to court and testifies for his wifes innocence and testifies against Abigail, he will be convicted of lechery. Abigail should have just told the truth and confessed her love for John. Proctor hates hypocrisy, and his hidden sin causes a great deal of moral anguish within him. She has to raise two boys and a baby all alone. When Elizabeth finds out that John was alone with Abigail she says, John, if it were not me that you must go hurt, would you falter now? He can save himself from death, but he has to confess to witchcraft, and sign a written confession that will be posted on the church door.

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I think he should have confessed. Houghton Mifflins Collegiate Dictionary defines a crucible as a sever test. T about to let Abigail get away with lying, hurting others, or breaking up his family. On top of that, when it is time to die, God will know you did not commit any sins. Martha did not confess to witchcraft so she could keep her name. Think about it, if you continue living, you will be able to enjoy the rest of your life; including marrying, having children, raising a family, and taking advantage of what life has richard cory poem essay to offer. After being placed in jail for lechery, unrestrained indulgence in sexual activity, he has an important decision to make: he can either die, or confess to witchcraft and sign a document stating so which will be posted on the church door. Elizabeth then loses all faith in Proctor. If I was in the same situation as Proctor, I would have done the opposite. John Proctor falls victim to instinct, and instead of saving the members of his community he chooses to save his own self-image.

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