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What is the art essay

what is the art essay

does not need pacifica thesis advisors to follow any rules and standards which is set by people. In modern times, the Japanese have ventured out into other art forms such as sculptures, ceramic vessels and lacquerware; but these still follow the similar scenes from nature. In my opinion, those things can be considered as art just because the creators used their hearts not their talent. Just because we dont understand a particular piece does not mean that its not considered art in society. This is a legitimate question, but the answer is not easy.

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He was recognized for his unique ways for a reason. The undertones or comedic bits of self deprecation that rendered the message that he was trying to convey. Art is made of man, no matter how close it is to nature. David is a biblical figure, and Donatello portrayed him during adolescence- a time for many in which is often confusing. Most everyone has his or her opinion of what art. So I researched in myself what art means. There is a wide variety of art, some that people wouldnt imagine as art, but a true artist sees art in every creation.